You benefit from my experience in corporate communications and my business in Turkey, Central Asia and Middle East.


Beatrix Kindler, Bachelor of Law

Independent since 1999

Thanks to my professional experience at Daimler Benz, BMW, Employers Association and Salzgitter Stahl I build a international network in Turkey, Central Asia and Middle East. These contacts and my experience I will make available for you.

The intercultural approach has been taught to me already in the boarding school Schule Schloss Salem. We learned and experienced that diversity is a great asset.

Executive Functions

  • Corporate Communications, BMW, Munich
  • Press & Public Relations, Daimler Benz, Stuttgart
  • Press & Public Relations, Association of Metal and Electrical Industry, Stuttgart
  • Reporting, Salzgitter Stahl, Düsseldorf

Personal Data

  • Born in Baden-Baden
  • High School, Schule Schloss Salem
  • Law school, 1st State Exam, University of Freiburg
  • Volunteer, Boodle & Hatfield, London
  • Clerkship Baden-Baden, Berlin, New York
  • 2nd State Exam, Ministry of Justice Baden-Württemberg


Customers & Partner

“Tell me who your acquaintances are and I will tell you who you are.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Finken Verlag, Oberursel • Ars Edition, München • Fackelträger Verlag, Köln • Foliant Publishing House, Astana, Kazakhstan • Himmer Winco Media, Hongkong • Huda Al Hashmi Industrial Equipment Trading LLC, Dubai • Işik Yayinları, Istanbul • STFA, Istanbul • Tessloff Verlag, Nürnberg • Cornelsen Schulverlage, Berlin • Langenscheidt Verlag, München • Highlights Publishing, Columbus, Ohio • Bertelsmann, Gütersloh • Angelika Scheer Skulpturen, Gaggenau • Licary OHG, München • Hansa AG, Stuttgart • Moodform, Miami Beach, USA • Hormocenta, Hamburg • Kemacos, Kematen, Österreich • TING. Co. Ltd, Hong Kong • Himmer AG, Augsburg • Visadent, München • Perform GmbH, Regensburg • Corso Rechtsanwälte, Köln • Storki Toys, Fürth • Energy Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, MY • Antalya Consulting, Antalya, Türkei • BBDO Consulting, München • Fingscheidt, Velbert • Hauff-Technik, Hermaringen • RLE International, Köln • Allianz ProzessFinanz, München • Pallis Associates, Grünwald • Helbling, München • Weickmann & Weickmann, München • Malik, Kalkan, Türkei • Berger, Maulburg • Webasto, Stockdorf • Behr, Stuttgart • Sparda-Bank, München • Heudorf Kommunikationsberatung, Stuttgart • Prof. Dr. Kurt Weidemann, Stuttgart • Auto-t-online, Stuttgart • Aon, Jauch & Hübener, Hamburg • BAE Systems, Berlin • DaimlerChrysler Bank, Stuttgart • Hintzpeter & Partner, Hamburg • Deutsche Telekom, Bonn


International Contacts

“Lafla Peynir Gemisi Yürümez.”

Words alone will not even propel a ship made of paper.

Should you wish to set up or expand business relations in Turkey, Central Asia or Middle East we support you in achieving your goals as planned.

So that you receive advice and support in, say

  • Researching and finding relevant information
  • Adapting your business model to Turkey and its market
  • Choosing your partners for joint ventures
  • Deciding on the right location
  • Completing all application and licensing processes
  • Choosing managers and the right workforce


Care of Reputation

“Nothing will be better prepared as a spontaneous speech held”

Sir Winston Churchill

The public need a clear picture of your company. So make sure to give them the right input.

The only way to perfectly match the image of a company and its perception is through communication and presentation based consistently on reality.

Our common objective is to establish and maintain your clear corporate identity. Communicating with the public both internally and externally, we create acceptance and good faith, giving your company a desirable, appealing image.

This calls for effective internal and external communication. I offer you appropriate support in finding the right strategic orientation and in actively implementing your presentation both internally and externally.

To do this I offer you years of experience in various industries, particularly in handling difficult, delicate and challenging issues.


“When I am riding in the wrong direction galloping is not going to help”

Investing time and money only makes sense if you′re going the right way. So taking a systematic approach is the foundation and starting point for everything I offer you in Public Relations.

My usual procedure is clear and straightforward

  • Analyse the current situation
  • Formulate short, medium and long-term corporate objectives
  • Develop internal and external communication targets
  • Define the target groups we wish to address
  • Establish and compile your messages
  • Study and investigate the issues to be communicated
  • Choose the right communication tools
  • Compile your action/issue plan
  • Make recommendations for monitoring success
  • Plan the budget

Performance & Actions

The only way to create genuine added value for your company is to implement the concept we develop together consistently and in full. My job is to advise, accompany and train you throughout the entire process.
I offer you all the tools you need from one source. For effective and efficient internal and external communication. From Corporate Design, news bulletins, Annual Report, website to social media appearances With my strong network of designers and media specialists I can offer you a complete package.


Beatrix Kindler
Brunhildenstrasse 18
80639 Munich – Nymphenburg

+49 89 17 80 97 59

„The more humans proceed according to plan, the more effectively coincidence is able to meet them ”

Friedrich Dürrenmatt